The Making of the Avenel Project


The Making of the Avenel Project (2004) is a compilation of the original series of events which led to the filming of The Avenel Project, originally, from 2003 to 2005.  The original version of this film is in the Bedford Central Library as DVD 812MAK.

Again, this film was created in the days before we had computers, and the original version does not mention Avenel the Motion Picture (2005) because it had not yet been created at that time. An updated and computerized version of this film will be released to, under this same title, in the future. 

The idea behind this film was to explain all we had done to promote the home, and the history of the area. This work, now known as The Avenel Project, is seen as the official documentary collection for the home.

The Civil War Trails marker came about as a result of our area reenactors (who made our films) taking an interest in the old home and working to see this accomplished. 

The Avenel Project then, as an art form, actually founded and created Confederate Pictures, as an entity.

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