The Welcome Guest of Avenel



The Welcome Guest of Avenel  (2003) was the first movie Confederate Pictures ever made. 

Originally conceived as a nod to the legend of the White Lady ghost of Avenel House, this film is based upon a short story by George Roland Wills, in the which reenactors at an event being held at Avenel in the year 2015 unknowingly meet the ghost of General Robert E. Lee (who actually stayed at the home with his daughter, Mildred, in October of 1867).  

Al Stone portrays Lee in our earlier works, until Fall of 2005, when he resigned from Confederate Pictures and ceased to make films. 

In November of 2006, Mr. Dave Palmer agreed to be our new Robert E. Lee at that time, having been recommended by Mr. Tony Daniels (our General Ulysses S. Grant) and now does a magnificent job in the role, owning a proper 'Traveller' and a complete headquarters, with Lee's actual reproduction articles such as gloves, writing desk and saddle. Here is his site with us and here is his own site. 

Mr. Palmer's uniforms are incredible, being made from the same cloth Lee's actual clothes were made from, and by the same company!

This film was originally made without a computer, and is still available in its original form from the Bedford Central Library in Bedford, Virginia, as DVD 812WEL. 

The movie joins Portrait of a Plantation (2003, 2008, and 2009) and Avenel the Motion Picture (2005, and 2009) as a series of Confederate Pictures film releases from the home, which is now a Civil War Trails Marker destination.  

This film is being initially released in its original form, but will be remastered on the computer in the future, and updated on when this is completed.  

This movie was filmed in late October of 2003. On November 1, 2003, we filmed the Jubal Early Scene in the back room. Earlier that day, we photographed the real White Lady ghost at high noon on the southeast corner of the front porch.

The photograph is in both Portrait of a Plantation 2008 and 2009. It was not in the 2003 version because we did not discover that we had the picture until February 9, 2004. two months after the original release of Portrait of a Plantation

To order the film, once prepares it, click this link: The Welcome Guest of Avenel.  

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